Motor Fairy Tales

Playing to move and learn.

Our children need to be encouraged, the fairy tales’ magic is the perfect encouragement to introduce them to movement and to help them reach the physical well being we all would like to reach.


Physical activities for children are essential, especially in the early ages between 0 and 6, for they help the development of EXECUTIVE FUNCTIONS, or rather cognitive functions such as cognitive felixibility, inhibition (self control and waiting capabilities), work memory, problemsolving, planning and also an increase in their attention span. So how can we capture a child’s attention, introducing him to physical activity and executive functions?

A solution might be the Motor Fairy Tales project.

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You might be brought to guess that just moving more could be enough to increase a child’s well being, sadly just making them freely play in open air is just not sufficient.

If a sunny day, a park and a few swings were enough, the problem would be already solved.

Specific studies demonstrate that such games, while surely promoting social and relational capabilities (Burdette and Whitaker, 2005), do not develop movement capabilities, as children, when not involved, tend to stay still for a very long time, investing just a little time to true and effective movement. (Sallis, Patterson, McKenzie and Nader, 1988; Brown, et al.,2009).

Recent studies on mirror neurons demonstrated how a child learns to explore his emotions through movement imitation. Every exercise has been thoroughly crafted to train in a physically conditioning way (as activity is powerful and intense) determined movement patterns and precise executive functions, all with the essential ingredient of fairy tales’ magic, the true driving force of my method.

I have been able to verify the effectiveness of this method through the years, and how it is well received by children, parents and teachers.

I will now briefly introduce you to the benefits of developing executive functions:

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Executive functions are trainable

An example is the ability of inhibitory control (task inhibition) which is the base for impulse control, very important for behavioral adjustment…

They develop quickly in the early age

If a child in his early ages exercises and develops his executive functions, he can enter primary school with better learning capabilities…

Once acquired, they last forever

A child with good executive functions will tend to have a more balanced lifestyle as an adult, in work, marriage and every other field in life…

They are very useful when faced with demanding tasks

Self control and focused attention are essential for school learning, even more essential than a child’s intelligence quotient (IQ) (Blair & Razza, 2007)…

"We are delighted to collaborate with Motor Fairy Tales in Milan, an innovative company that keeps smart children moving!"

Tricia Striano SkolerSkolerPhD Founder ZWIFLY, New York City Leading Company in academic education

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